Atelier peinture d'encre de chine

Atelier "Cut out mirror "

Ateliér"Decoupage des miroirs"

At the workshop for children that making for ”cut out mirror” each pieces from my installation works ”Cut out view”.
And this workshop purpose that cut out to scenery over the world with people.

インスタレーション作品”Cut out view”を持ち運べるサイズにして、参加者にオリジナル『切り取るミラー』を作ってもらう企画です。









Paris France 2015 


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Grand Marchè d'Art Contemporain 

Ateliér a la Montreuil








Japan Tokyo 2014



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Trolls in the park 2014









at the elementaly school  Tokyo Japan 2014




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After ”Trolls in the park”